Art Classes

Art Appreciation ? 9th - 12th grade

Art Appreciation is designed to offer students an opportunity to gain an appreciation for architecture, sculpture, painting and other art forms in the context of history and culture. Students will be able to recognize notable works of art and will be able to examine all art forms critically, analytically, intellectually and with appreciation of what they see.

Art I ? 9th - 12th grade

Instruction and project opportunities will be provided in the following areas: elements and principles of design, drawing, painting, printmaking, clay and sculpture. There will be opportunities to qualify for participation in various art shows. Goals include familiarization with different media techniques and application of concepts.

Art II ? 10th - 12th grade

This is a pre-portfolio course, focused primarily on drawing and painting techniques. Students will have the opportunity to explore 2-D media in depth and will begin to accumulate portfolio-quality artworks. The works of past and present artists, major movements in art, and art careers will be presented.

Prerequisite: Art I and teacher recommendation.