August 23rd, 2013

Welcome to an exciting new school year!  We have been blessed with new staff, new families, and updated facilities! 

Staff-Mrs. May is returning in kindergarten, Mrs. Bowerman will be teaching Spanish, Ms. Carter will be teaching 1st grade, Miss Turpin will be teaching 3rd grade, and Mrs. Barr will be teaching 4th grade.  In PK, Mrs. Floyd will be our teacher.  Mrs. Stewart will be directing the extended care and helping with the PK students.  At our PH campus, Mrs. Stewart and Mrs. Tuck will teach in the PK classrooms.  Mrs. Hester will be teaching Music and Spanish.

New Families-our enrollment numbers continue to adjust, but we are excited to have +1000 students this year. Over 130 elementary students were interviewed and tested this year--90 of these students are joining us as PK students. 

Updated Facilities--The computer lab was completely overhauled in order to move the teaching station to the front of the room.  Along with additional infrastructure, students will find new monitors and keyboards.  By combining two closets, we were able to create an art room.  The elementary has a front door that enables us to lock the buildings more securely.  New locks are being installed this week.

Chapel-Our mission statement is to develop godly leaders and this year our chapel theme will help students to make wise decisions as they influence others.  As we think about friendships, character traits, work habits, and spiritual growth, our question will be --do you choose carefully?

Important Dates

8-29     Parent meeting to understand TN3@11:30 in CMR (off cafeteria)

8-30     Signing Day for elementary @7:30-8:00 by KT

9-5       Open House with Ice Cream Social @5:30-6:30 by KT

9-5       Cookie Dough Kick-off