Foley's Facts

October 5th, 2012



Who is the M in M&M?  While Mars patented the idea of chocolate surrounded by a sugar coating, it was Murrie who supplied the chocolate.  Mars owned 80% of the company and Murrie owned the remaining 20%.  In Matthew 12, Jesus displays his power over Satan by healing a demon-possessed man.  Satan has some power (just like Murrie did).  Jesus is the all-powerful Son of God (like Mars owned the majority of the M&M candy).    

October 5

Parents, thank you for the homecoming parties!  We enjoyed them tremendously!

Cookie Dough?We sold 2738 units?which means we didn?t get our free dress day, BUT we did get our Mega Party. Congratulations to our winners?Thomas Mars?157 Units, Caleb Moore?104 units, Samuel Oelke?77 units.   We hope to schedule the pick up date in mid-October.  Thank you so much for all your help. 

Elementary Student Council

Elementary Student Council is sponsoring a ministry project for Gunnison Riggins.  Students are collecting  pop tabs from aluminum cans through December 14th.  The class with the most pounds of aluminum will win a free dress day.