Foley's Facts

January 23rd, 2015

We have been blessed to have a productive and eventful January! Looking forward to a fun February!

Chapel - For those of you who are adding to your box at home, please add two more MTMTTMTs: 

  • From King Joash, we learned godly leaders Love God's Word and Love God's House. 
  • From King Amaziah, we learned godly leaders fix their mistakes.  God uses our parents, teachers, and His Word to let us know when we are headed in a wrong direction and godly leaders will stop and fix it rather than continuing in the wrong direction.  

Don't forget Boxtops and Eureka Pizza Labels! 

Important Calendar Events:

  • January 29th:       Little Dribblers and Little Jigglers in SEC @ 9:00
  • February 12th:     Patriotic Program in WC @ 8:30
  • February 13th:     Valentine's Parties in classrooms @ 2:30
  • February 20th:     Morning with Mom @ 7:00am in Lunchroom & Art Fair in Lunchroom
  • February 24th:     Discover Shiloh Dinner Event for new families - 6:30-8:00pm in the Kidz Theater (Sign up at
  • February 27th:     Wax Museum in CMR & Read the Most Day