LEAP Admissions

LEAP services referral and admission process:

Prior to referral students must have a current hearing and vision screening.

1.  Teachers and or family/guardian may refer a Shiloh student for LEAP services by completing the LEAP Referral Form. LEAP Referral forms must be presented to the LEAP director.

2.  Decisions regarding appropriate responses to the needs of the student will be made by teacher, family/guardian, student, program director, and Dean if necessary.

3.  Teacher and family/guardian will be notified with a Plan of Response by the LEAP services director and or the students Public School district official within 7 days of original referral, based on the evaluation needs of the given student.

4. Student evaluation for services will be conducted within the allotted time as discussed with parent/guardian or within the guidelines established through IDEA.

5. LEAP service professionals will document responses to and progress of goals during services and communicate data collection during annual and summative conferences with teachers, family/guardian, and other professional staff involved in this process.  Continuation of services will be based on students? progression toward goals in determined time allotments as well as the decision of those involved in students LEAP service plan.

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LEAP Referral Form