At Shiloh, we are blessed with some of the best faculty members found in Northwest Arkansas.  We have over 70 teachers on staff who are all professing born-again believers and active members at the Cross Church. Over half of our teachers have been at Shiloh for five years or longer. All Kindergarten - 12th grade teachers are degreed; thirty-one of the teachers hold a Master's degree, and three hold an earned Doctorate degree. Teachers with school-age children are required to send them to Shiloh Christian School. This gives the teachers a vested interest in the success of the students they teach.

Faculty Contact Info

Shiloh Administrative Offices

Greg Jones President GJones@shilohsaints.org
Katerina Foley Elementary Dean KaterinaF@shilohsaints.org
Jennifer Wells Administrative Assistant JenniferW@shilohsaints.org    
Jill Smithson          Elementary Front Desk JillS@shilohsaints.org
Brant Breeding Secondary Dean           brantb@shilohsaints.org
Melanie Michaelis  Administrative Assistant MelanieM@shilohsaints.org
Michelle Clark     Front Desk frontdesk@shilohsaints.org  
Jeff Conaway        Athletics Director  jeffc@shilohsaints.org            
Laverne Neal         Administrative Assistant lavernen@shilohsaints.org
Alicia Brown Director of Admissions aliciab@shilohsaints.org
Debi Kaufman       Pinnacle Hills - Asst. Principal DebiK@shilohsaints.org
Moe Henry         4th-8th Dean of Students  moeh@shilohsaints.org
Steve Rutledge         9th-12th Dean of Students stever@shilohsaints.org

Elementary (PreK4 - 5th)

Teacher Position  Email
Katerina Foley Elementary Dean KaterinaF@shilohsaints.org
Jennifer Wells Administrative Assistant JenniferW@shilohsaints.org
Jill Smithson Elementary Receptionist JillS@shilohsaints.org
Debi Kaufman Master Teacher - Assistant Principal Pinnacle Hills DebiK@shilohsaints.org
Brandi Shepard K4 - Five Day Pinnacle Hills brandis@shilohsaints.org
Ebony Seals K4 - Five Day Pinnacle Hills ebonys@shilohsaints.org
Tina McDonald K4 - Five Day tinam@shilohsaints.org
Amanda Standridge K4 - Five Day amandas@shilohsaints.org
Amber Ludwig K4 - Five Day amberl@shilohsaints.org
Becky Chenier K4 - Three Day beckyc@shilohsaints.org
Melissa Brunton K4 - Three Day  melissab@shilohsaints.org
Merrily Wyrick K4 - Three Day  merrilyw@shilohsaints.org
Dana Nance  Kindergarten Pinnacle Hills danan@shilohsaints.org 
Robin McLennan Kindergarten RobinM@shilohsaints.org
Crystal Baublits Kindergarten crystalb@shilohsaints.org
Karen Arnold Kindergarten karena@shilohsaints.org
Kendal Kohler Kindergarten kendalk@shilohsaints.org
Jennifer Carpenter First Grade Pinnacle Hills jcarpenter@shilohsaints.org
Sheri Acuff First Grade SheriA@shilohsaints.org
Amy Wessels First Grade AmyW@shilohsaints.org
Mauree Nantze First Grade MaureeN@shilohsaints.org
Tera Hickman Second Grade Pinnacle Hills terah@shilohsaints.org
Randi Perkins Second Grade randip@shilohsaints.org
Sandy Yates Second Grade SandyY@shilohsaints.org
Shelli Bryant Second Grade shelliB@shilohsaints.org
Lori Talley Third Grade lorit@shilohsaints.org
Kasey Hutson Third Grade kaseyh@shilohsaints.org
Becky Lowe Third Grade BeckyL@shilohsaints.org
Amanda Barr Fourth Grade abarr@shilohsaints.org
Anne Ball Fourth Grade anneb@shilohsaints.org
Ali Hategekimana Fourth Grade alih@shilohsaints.org
Rebecca Blount Fifth Grade
Lizann Tollett Fifth Grade
Samantha McClain Fifth Grade samantham@shilohsaints.org
Kim Darr Music KDarr@shilohsaints.org
Jamie Beers (PH Campus) Physical Education/Computers/Library jamieb@shilohsaints.org
Jennifer Bowen (PH Campus) Music/Spanish/Art jenniferb@shilohsaints.org
Kim Duell Gifted/Talented Program kimd@shilohsaints.org
Pamela Vaughan  Computers PamelaV@shilohsaints.org
Emily Jones Librarian emilyj@shilohsaints.org
Ashley Yancey Art/Tech ashleyy@shilohsaints.org
LaRhonda Bowerman Spanish lbowerman@shilohsaints.org
Irene Giles Learning Lab IreneG@shilohsaints.org
Tracy Zurborg Reading Lab tracyz@shilohsaints.org
Heather Russell Math Lab heatherr@shilohsaints.org
Heather Stewart Aide/Extended Care Director heathers@shilohsaints.org
Stacey Wisdom Aide staceyw@shilohsaints.org
Jacob Skinner Physical Education jacobs@shilohsaints.org
Brad Widger Physical Education bradw@shilohsaints.org
Leslie Fett,RN  Nurse leslief@shilohsaints.org

Secondary (6th - 12th)

Name Position  Email
Brant Breeding  Secondary Dean brantb@shilohsaints.org
Melanie Michaelis Administrative Assistant MelanieM@shilohsaints.org
Denise Sabatini Attendance Office Assistant DeniseS@shilohsaints.org
Michelle Clark Secondary Front Desk frontdesk@shilohsaints.org
Rhonda Brown Director of Counseling Office RhondaB@shilohsaints.org
Debbie Diehm College and Career Counseling DebbieD@shilohsaints.org
Amanda Miller Registrar AmandaM@shilohsaints.org
Dana Duke Directed Services danad@shilohsaints.org
Nathan Bodenstein Director of Special Services  nathanb@shilohsaints.org
James Maxwell Resource Officer jamesm@crosschurch.com

Foreign Language Department

Name Position Email 
Natascha Bunner Spanish I nataschab@shilohsaints.org
Ed Bowerman (Chair) Spanish II, III edb@shilohsaints.org

Business Education Department

Name Position  Email
Rachel Henry  Economics rachelh@shilohsaints.org
Tyler Weddle Finance tylerw@shilohsaints.org
Andrew Jordan (Chair) Computer Applications andrewj@shilohsaints.org
Delores Breeding Computer Applications - Accounting deloresb@shilohsaints.org
Randy Salsbury Keyboarding 6-8th Grade randys@shilohsaints.org
 Ed Bowerman  Computer Science  edb@shilohsaints.org

Christian Studies Department

Name Position Email
Greg Jones Worldview Philosophy GJones@shilohsaints.org
Chris Sutterfield 11th Grade ChrisS@shilohsaints.org
Eric Michalls College Bible - 11th Grade - 10th Grade ericm@shilohsaints.org
JD Dudley 9th Grade jddudley@shilohsaints.org
David McGee 8th Grade DavidM@shilohsaints.org
Ron Sommers 7th Grade rons@shilohsaints.org
Beth Tollett 6th Grade betht@shilohsaints.org

Fine Arts Department

Name Position Email
Dennis Griffin (Chair) - Choral Music DennisG@shilohsaints.org
Marilyn Eichelberger 7th/8th Grade Art - Art I - Art II - Art III marilyne@shilohsaints.org
Beth Tollett Assistant Band / Choir betht@shilohsaints.org
Jacob Lehman Band Director jacobl@shilohsaints.org
Jo Hunt Drama & Competitive Speaking joh@shilohsaints.org
Shelby Urban Speech - College Speech shelbyu@shilohsaints.org
Robbie Elliott Yearbook RobbieE@shilohsaints.org

Language Arts Department

Name Position Email
Chris Sutterfield College Composition I & II - World Literature I & II ChrisS@shilohsaints.org
Lauren Reames English I - Advanced English I laurenr@shilohsaints.org
Terri Garrison English II - Advanced English II - English IV - Christian Literature  TerriG@shilohsaints.org
Natascha Bunner English III nataschab@shilohsaints.org
Christi Jones (Chair) 8th Grade English - 7th Grade Advanced English - 8th Grade Advanced English christij@shilohsaints.org
Rachel Henry 6th Grade English - 7th Grade English - 8th Grade English rachelh@shilohsaints.org
Elyse Reece 6th Grade English - Advanced 6th Grade English - 7th Grade English elyser@shilohsaints.org

Science Department

Name Position Email
Jennifer Campbell (Chair) Physics I - College Physics I & II JenniferC@shilohsaints.org
Madison Lowe Physical Science madisonl@shilohsaints.org
Bailey Boyett Life Science - Biology I
Corie Lyall 6th Grade Science CorieL@shilohsaints.org
Heath Petten Biology I - Biology II - AP Biology heathp@shilohsaints.org
Nick Gleason Chemistry I - Advanced Chemistry - BioChemistry - College Chemistry NickG@shilohsaints.org
Jacob Gill Health jacobg@shilohsaints.org

Social Studies Department

Name Position Email
Jo Hunt (Chair) Civics/World Geography JoH@shilohsaints.org
Rachel Henry Government rachelh@shilohsaints.org
Katey Williams 7th Grade Geography - 6th Grade Social Studies kateyw@shilohsaints.org
Chris Bryant US History cbryant@shilohsaints.org
Debra Houser AP US History - College Government debrah@shilohsaints.org
Robbie Elliott 7th Grade Geography - 8th Grade AR/US History  RobbieE@shilohsaints.org

Mathematics Department

Name Position Email
 Brant Breeding College Algebra - College Trigonometry brantb@shilohsaints.org
 Mark Tyler (Chair) AP Calculus BC  - Advanced Algebra II - Algebra III - College Survey of Calculus - College Finite Math  
Debbie McGee Advanced Algebra I -  Advanced Pre-Algebra - Pre-Algebra DLMcGee@shilohsaints.org
Rhonda Brown Algebra I  RhondaB@shilohsaints.org
Amanda Miller Transition to College Math amandam@shilohsaints.org
Jarrod Mattingley 7th Grade Math - Geometry - Advanced Geometry jarrodm@shilohsaints.org
Kim Eads 6th Grade Math - 7th Grade Math kime@shilohsaints.org
Adam Depriest Algebra II - Advanced Algebra II adamd@shilohsaints.org
Madison Lowe Algebra  madisonl@shilohsaints.org
Josh Salsbury Algebra - 8th Grade Math joshs@shilohsaints.org

Physical Education Department

Name Position Email
Tyler Weddle 8th - 9th Grade P. E tylerw@shilohsaints.org
Randy Salsbury 6th Grade P.E. randys@shilohsaints.org
Jason Stewart 7th Grade P. E.  jasons@shilohsaints.org

Athletics Department

Name Position Email
Jeff Conaway Athletics Director - Head Football Coach  jeffc@shilohsaints.org
Laverne Neal Administrative Assistant lavernen@shilohsaints.org
Steve Rutledge Football - Defensive Coordinator   stever@shilohsaints.org
Adam Depriest Football Coach - Offensive Coordinator adamd@shilohsaints.org
Moe Henry Football - Head Baseball Coach moeh@shilohsaints.org
Keith McDaniel Football - Head Track Coach keithm@shilohsaints.org
Chris Bryant Football - Asst. Basketball cbryant@shilohsaints.org
Josh Salsbury Football - Asst. Baseball Coach joshs@shilohsaints.org
Andrew Jordan Football - Basketball andrewj@shilohsaints.org
Brad Widger Football - Asst. Wrestling Coach bradw@shilohsaints.org
Tyler Weddle Football - Strength Coach tylerw@shilohsaints.org
Jacob Skinner Head Boys Basketball Coach jacobs@shilohsaints.org
David McGee Girls Soccer Coach davidm@shilohsaints.org
Nathan Bodenstein Head Volleyball Coach nathanb@shilohsaints.org
Ronald Somers Head Golf Coach rons@shilohsaints.org
JD Dudley Head Girls Basketball Coach -  Asst. Baseball Coach jddudley@shilohsaints.org
Karen Morris Asst. Volleyball - Asst. Track Coach karenm@shilohsaints.org
Jarrod Mattingly Head Tennis Coach jarrodm@shilohsaints.org
Randy Salsbury Asst. Girls Basketball Coach - Asst. Baseball Coach randys@shilohsaints.org
Heath Petten Asst. Boys Basketball Coach - Asst. Volleyball Coach heathp@shilohsaints.org
Lauren Reames Varsity Cheer Sponsor laurenr@shilohsaints.org
 Shelby Urban Jr. High Cheer Coach shelbyu@shilohsaints.org