Faculty Contact Information

At Shiloh, we are blessed with some of the best faculty members found in Northwest Arkansas.  We have over 70 teachers on staff who are all professing born-again believers and active members at the Cross Church. Over half of our teachers have been at Shiloh for five years or longer. All Kindergarten - 12th grade teachers are degreed; thirty-one of the teachers hold a Master's degree, and one holds an earned Doctorate degree. Teachers with school-age children are required to send them to Shiloh Christian School. This gives the teachers a vested interest in the success of the students they teach.
Shiloh Administrative Offices    
Ben Mayes Acting President benm@shilohsaints.org
Katerina Foley Elementary Dean Katerinaf@shilohsaints.org
Keith McDaniel Secondary Dean           keithm@shilohsaints.org
Jeff Conaway        Director of Athletics jeffc@shilohsaints.org
Alicia Brown Director of Admissions and Public Relations aliciab@shilohsaints.org
Melanie Michaelis  Communications/Events Coordinator/Assistant to the President Melaniem@shilohsaints.org
Michelle Clark         Compliance/ Athletic Support michellec@shilohsaints.org
James Maxwell Resource Officer jamesm@crosschurch.com
Elementary (PreK4 - 5th)    
Teacher Position  Email
Katerina Foley Elementary Dean Katerinaf@shilohsaints.org
Debi Kaufman Assistant Dean of Pinnacle Hills Debik@shilohsaints.org
Moe Henry         4th-8th Dean of Students  moeh@shilohsaints.org
Jill Smithson Extended Care Director jills@shilohsaints.org
Mandy Jones, RN  Nurse mandyj@shilohsaints.org
Jennifer Wells Administrative Assistant jenniferw@shilohsaints.org
Lorie Rutledge Elementary Receptionist elemfrontdesk@shilohsaints.org
Brandi Shepard K4 - Five Day Pinnacle Hills brandis@shilohsaints.org
Ebony Seals K4 - Five Day Pinnacle Hills ebonys@shilohsaints.org
Tina McDonald K4 - Five Day tinam@shilohsaints.org
Amanda Standridge K4 - Five Day amandas@shilohsaints.org
Amber Ludwig K4 - Five Day amberl@shilohsaints.org
Becky Chenier K4 - Three Day beckyc@shilohsaints.org
Melissa Brunton K4 - Three Day  melissab@shilohsaints.org
Merrily Wyrick K4 - Three Day  merrilyw@shilohsaints.org
Rachel Hardesty Kindergarten Pinnacle Hills rachel@shilohsaints.org
Robin McLennan Kindergarten Robinm@shilohsaints.org
Crystal Baublits Kindergarten crystalb@shilohsaints.org
Karen Arnold Kindergarten karena@shilohsaints.org
Katelyn Young Kindergarten katelyny@shilohsaints.org
Jennifer Carpenter First Grade Pinnacle Hills jcarpenter@shilohsaints.org
Sheri Acuff First Grade Sheria@shilohsaints.org
Amy Wessels First Grade AmyW@shilohsaints.org
Mauree Nantze First Grade MaureeN@shilohsaints.org
Tera Hickman Second Grade Pinnacle Hills terah@shilohsaints.org
Randi Perkins Second Grade randip@shilohsaints.org
Sandy Yates Second Grade SandyY@shilohsaints.org
Shelli Bryant Second Grade shelliB@shilohsaints.org
Lori Upton Third Grade loriu@shilohsaints.org
Anne Ball Third Grade anneb@shilohsaints.org
Becky Lowe Third Grade BeckyL@shilohsaints.org
Leisa Renauro Fourth Grade leisar@shilohsaints.org
Aaron Bagwell Fourth Grade Aaronb@shilohsaints.org
Kimberly Berke Fourth Grade kimberlyb@shilohsaints.org
Rebecca Blount Fifth Grade rebeccab@shilohsaints.org
Lizann Tollett Fifth Grade lizannt@shilohsaints.org
Samantha McClain Fifth Grade samantham@shilohsaints.org
Madison Grigsby Fifth Grade madisong@shilohsaints.org
Kim Darr Music KDarr@shilohsaints.org
Jamie Beers (PH Campus) Physical Education/Computers/Library jamieb@shilohsaints.org
Jennifer Bowen (PH Campus) Music/Spanish/Art jenniferb@shilohsaints.org
Kim Duell Gifted/Talented Program kimd@shilohsaints.org
Pamela Vaughan  Computers PamelaV@shilohsaints.org
Emily Jones Librarian emilyj@shilohsaints.org
Ashley Yancey Art/Tech ashleyy@shilohsaints.org
LaRhonda Bowerman Spanish lbowerman@shilohsaints.org
Irene Giles Learning Lab IreneG@shilohsaints.org
Tracy Zurborg Reading Lab tracyz@shilohsaints.org
Heather Russell Math Lab heatherr@shilohsaints.org
Stacey Wisdom Aide staceyw@shilohsaints.org
Jacob Skinner Physical Education jacobs@shilohsaints.org
Brad Widger Physical Education bradw@shilohsaints.org
Secondary (6th - 12th)    
Name Position  Email
Keith McDaniel Secondary Dean keithm@shilohsaints.org
Jacob Gill Dean of Students  jacobg@shilohsaints.org
Brant Breeding Secondary Dean of Teaching Instruction brantb@shilohsaints.org
Moe Henry         4th-8th Dean of Students  moeh@shilohsaints.org
Steve Rutledge         Dean of Student Life stever@shilohsaints.org
Denise Sabatini Assistant to Secondary Deans/Staff DeniseS@shilohsaints.org
Michelle Clark Secondary Front Desk frontdesk@shilohsaints.org
Rhonda Brown Director of Student Services RhondaB@shilohsaints.org
Debbie Diehm College and Career Counseling DebbieD@shilohsaints.org
Amanda Miller Registrar AmandaM@shilohsaints.org
Dana Duke Special Services danad@shilohsaints.org
Nathan Bodenstein Director of Special Services  nathanb@shilohsaints.org
Business Education Department    
Name Position  Email
Heath Petten Economics heathp@shilohsaints.org
Tyler Weddle Finance tylerw@shilohsaints.org
Andrew Jordan (Chair) Computer Applications andrewj@shilohsaints.org
Delores Breeding Computer Science - Accounting deloresb@shilohsaints.org
Ron Somers Keyboarding 6-8th Grade rons@shilohsaints.org
Christian Studies Department    
Name Position Email
Eric Michalls 11th Grade - 10th Grade ericm@shilohsaints.org
JD Dudley 9th Grade jddudley@shilohsaints.org
David McGee 8th Grade davidm@shilohsaints.org
Beth Tollett 7th Grade - 6th Grade betht@shilohsaints.org
Fine Arts Department    
Name Position Email
Dennis Griffin Choral Music DennisG@shilohsaints.org
Beth Tollett 7th/8th Grade Girls Choir betht@shilohsaints.org
Jacob Lehman Band Director jacobl@shilohsaints.org
Marilyn Eichelberger 7th/8th Grade Art - Art I - Art II - Art III - AP Art marilyne@shilohsaints.org
Bailey Boyett Drama & Competitive Speaking baileyb@shilohsaints.org
Jill Smithson Yearbook jills@shilohsaints.org
Language Arts Department    
Name Position Email
Chris Sutterfield College Composition I & II - World Literature I & II ChrisS@shilohsaints.org
Kristin Heil English I - Advanced English I kristinh@shilohsaints.org
Terri Garrison English II - Advanced English II - English IV - Christian Literature  TerriG@shilohsaints.org
Rachel Henry English III rachelh@shilohsaints.org
Katey Williams 8th Grade English - 7th Grade Advanced English - 8th Grade Advanced English kateyw@shilohsaints.org
Elyse Reece 6th Grade English - Advanced 6th Grade English - 7th Grade English elyser@shilohsaints.org
Shelby White Speech - College Speech shelbyw@shilohsaints.org
Abby Graves Spanish I abbyg@shilohsaints.org
Matthew Bryant Spanish II matthewb@shilohsaints.org
Staci Bodenstein Spanish III - Spanish IV stacib@shilohsaints.org
Science Department    
Name Position Email
Jennifer Campbell (Chair) Physics I - College Physics I & II JenniferC@shilohsaints.org
Madison Hart Physical Science madisonh@shilohsaints.org
Bailey Boyett Life Science - Biology II baileyb@shilohsaints.org
Corie Lyall 6th Grade Science CorieL@shilohsaints.org
Tim Pate Biology I  - AP Biology - AP Environmental Science timp@shilohsaints.org
Nick Gleason Chemistry I - Advanced Chemistry - BioChemistry - College Chemistry NickG@shilohsaints.org
Steve Rutledge Health stever@shilohsaints.org
History Department    
Name Position Email
Kendal Kohler Civics/Economics - AP World History kendalk@shilohsaints.org
Rachel Henry 8th Grade US History/Arkansas History rachelh@shilohsaints.org
Robbie Elliott 7th Grade Geography - 6th Grade Social Studies robbiee@shilohsaints.org
Chris Bryant World History - Government cbryant@shilohsaints.org
Debra Houser US History - AP US History - College Government debrah@shilohsaints.org
Mathematics Department    
Name Position Email
Brant Breeding AP Calculus BC - College Survey of Calculus - College Algebra - College Trigonometry - Finite Math brantb@shilohsaints.org
Mark Tyler (Chair) Algebra I - Algebra II - Algebra III markt@shilohsaints.org
Debbie McGee Pre - Algebra - 7th Grade Math DLMcGee@shilohsaints.org
Josh Salsbury Algebra I joshs@shilohsaints.org
Amanda Miller Transition to College Math amandam@shilohsaints.org
Adam Depriest Algebra II adamd@shilohsaints.org
Jarrod Mattingly Geometry - Advanced Geometry jarrodm@shilohsaints.org
Kim Eads 6th Grade Math - 7th Grade Math kime@shilohsaints.org
Adam Depriest Algebra II - Advanced Algebra II adamd@shilohsaints.org
Physical Education Department    
Name Position Email
Adam DePriest 8th - 9th Grade P. E adamd@shilohsaints.org
Randy Salsbury 6th Grade P.E. randys@shilohsaints.org
Jason Stewart 7th Grade P. E.  jasons@shilohsaints.org
Athletics Department    
Name Position Email
Jeff Conaway Athletics Director - Head Football  jeffc@shilohsaints.org
Michelle Clark Compliance - Athletics Support athleticsoffice@shilohsaints.org
Melanie Michaelis Sponsorships - Athletics Support athleticsoffice@shilohsaints.org
Jacob Gill Football  jacobg@shilohsaints.org
Adam Depriest Football  adamd@shilohsaints.org
Moe Henry Football - Head Baseball  moeh@shilohsaints.org
Steve Rutledge Football  stever@shilohsaints.org
Chris Bryant Football - Asst. Basketball cbryant@shilohsaints.org
Josh Salsbury Football - Asst. Baseball joshs@shilohsaints.org
Andrew Jordan Football - Asst. Boys Basketball andrewj@shilohsaints.org
Brad Widger Football - Asst. Wrestling bradw@shilohsaints.org
Tyler Weddle Strength tylerw@shilohsaints.org
Jacob Skinner Head Boys Basketball jacob@shilohsaints.org
David McGee Head Girls Soccer davidm@shilohsaints.org
Nathan Bodenstein Head Girls Volleyball nathanb@shilohsaints.org
Ronald Somers Head Golf Coach rons@shilohsaints.org
JD Dudley  Asst. Baseball jddudley@shilohsaints.org
Karen Morris Asst. Girls Volleyball  karenm@shilohsaints.org
Jarrod Mattingly Head Tennis jarrodm@shilohsaints.org
Randy Salsbury Asst. Baseball randys@shilohsaints.org
Heath Petten Asst. Boys Basketball - Asst. Volleyball heathp@shilohsaints.org
Madison Hart Asst. Girls Basketball madisonl@shilohsaints.org
Tim Pate Asst. Girls Basketball timp@shilohsaints.org
Melissa Brunton Varsity Cheer melissab@shilohsaints.org
Melanie Michaelis Jr. High Cheer melaniem@shilohsaints.org