LEAP Services - Lab for Excellence in Academics Program

Being created in the image of God, means that God has placed within every person the desire to learn and create. Therefore, LEAP has been developed to make learning in the Shiloh Secondary school environment accessible to all types of learners. LEAP offers academic assistance, to those students who qualify, in order to support them in reaching their full potential and experience success.

In some cases a student may not be performing at their potential due to a learning difficulty. These students may be a candidate for our LEAP program.

These students are of average or above average intelligence, but are obviously hampered by one or more of the many symptoms that characterize pupils with learning difficulties. LEAP faculty realize that nothing is more devastating to the self-image of a student than the mounting feeling of guilt and frustration caused by the inability to perform near the level of his or her potential.

LEAP services are designed to help 6-12th grade students understand who they are and progress in order to reach their God-Given potential.  LEAP professionals will provide the skills and strategies necessary to best respond to selected students.

We offer various levels of support and create a plan designed around the needs of the student.

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