Note from Shiloh Leadership Team

December 18th, 2012

Dear Parents,

What happened in Connecticut on Friday is still heavy on everyone's hearts and minds. Our heartfelt prayers go out to those affected by this horrific tragedy.

Please know that the safety of your children is our utmost priority. Shiloh has crisis procedures in place in the event of an emergency on campus. In light of what has taken place, Shiloh, like schools across the country, will be evaluating all of our security policies and procedures in the upcoming days and weeks.

As a parent, it's hard for us to fathom how something like this could happen. As your kids learn about the events, they will be looking to you for answers. Here is a resource written by Heath Bryant, one of Cross Church?s Children's Pastors, that can help you talk with your kids about what happened.

Please join us in praying for Newtown, and know we are available to help your family in any way we can.


Shiloh Leadership Team