Cyber Saturday

April 11th, 2014

Dear Families,

It is hard to believe the 2013 -2014 school year is nearing a conclusion.  We have enjoyed the blessings of partnering with you in Christian education this school year.   We experienced a tough winter in regards to inclement weather and were forced to cancel school 11 days.  Thankfully, we have been able to recover 9 of these academic days.  Of the remaining two academic days, Shiloh was granted a waiver for one day by the Arkansas Nonpublic Schools Accrediting Association (ANSAA). ANSAA also offered our school the opportunity to pilot a ?Cyber day? as a way of making up one instructional day.  

A ?Cyber day? is simply a day where the students work from home. The day?s assignments are communicated to the student and family via RenWeb or other electronic means.  Cyber day assignments are due within seven days allowing flexibility to our students and families. Our staff believes in the very near future the cyber day method will be utilized on most inclement weather days.

Our pilot day will be Saturday, May 3rd. Cyber day assignments will be released to your students on this day and will be due back no later than May 11th.   The completion of these assignments will allow our students to fulfill the academic requirements needed to make up one last academic day. The completion of these requirements allows us to announce that the last day of school will be Friday, May 30th. 

Serving the Kingdom,

Ben Mayes                            Katerina   Foley                                   Josh Floyd                            Greg Jones

President                               Elementary Dean                                Athletic Director                     Secondary Dean