Dr. Richard Land

October 8th, 2012


When: Thursday October, 11
Where: Worship Center
Who: Dr. Richard Land
Time: 9:00 AM

We would like to extend an invitation to all parents to attend Chapel this week as we host Dr. Richard Land. Dr. Richard Land has served as president of the Southern Baptist Convention?s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission since 1988. During his tenure as representative for the largest Protestant denomination in the country, Dr. Land has represented Southern Baptist and other Evangelicals? concerns in the halls of Congress, before U.S. Presidents, and in the media.

As host of For Faith & Family and Richard Land LIVE!, two nationally syndicated radio programs, Dr. Land speaks passionately and authoritatively on the social, ethical, and public policy issues facing our country. Dr. Land?s latest book, ?The Divided States of America? What Liberal and Conservatives Get Wrong About Faith and Politics? is published by Thomas Nelson. The book was re-released with a new preface in January 2011 and is available for purchase in paperback at amazon.com. For more information about Dr. Richard Land and the work of the ERLC, please visit ERLC.com