Family Packs

December 4th, 2012

This Christmas season, Shiloh Christian students are serving the community by collecting, packing and delivering sacks of food for needy families in the Springdale area. Our goal is 489 sacks of food. Each grade level has a different item to bring. We need all items in by 12-12-12! In addition to these items, we are seeking a donation of 489 sacks of oranges to accompany our groceries for these families. If anyone can help with this need contact Marla Richards at:

Family Meal Packs
Goal: Provide 489 Sacks of Food

Secondary Turn in to English Teacher-Nov. 26th -Dec.12th
Elementary Turn in to Home Room Teacher-Nov. 26th ? Dec. 12th
First Class to reach goal of 489 items=Spirit Dress

  • Pre-K/12th Grade-Jar of Peanut Butter-16 so far
  • Kindergarten/6th Grade- Box of Minute Rice-33 so far
  • 1st /11th Grade-Cans of Campbell?s Chicken Noodle Soup-40 so far
  • 2nd/10th Grade-Two pound bag of Pinto Beans-27 so far
  • 3rd/9th Grade-Family Size Box of Cheerios-26 so far
  • 4th/8th Grade-Box of Ritz Crackers-33 so far
  • 5th/7th Grade-Case of Ramon Noodles-13 so far
  • All North Campus/All Teachers - Mac-N-Cheese-69 so far

Teachers are in the lead as of today!