Foley?s Facts

May 17th, 2013


Ask your child what was in the M&M package in chapel.  I switched the M&Ms with Skittles so we could learn the important lesson that we need to be who we say we are.  I wish I would have videoed the faces when the children realized they were eating Skittles!

Last Ministry Project for the Year

Look through your child?s school supplies.  If you are going to throw away and purchase new for next year the following items, we are looking to donate many of them: 

Crayons, colored pencils, scissors, notebooks (binders), pencils, watercolors, notebook paper

We will collect items on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week.  Anything brought to school on Thursday will be thrown in the trash. 

LOST AND FOUND overflowing!  Please look through the tables on Monday and Tuesday.  All items will be donated to Compassion Center on Wednesday.

New Door to the Elementary

We will not use the new door to the elementary this summer.  We will be remodeling to accommodate the new security system.  We hope to have everything ready for August 19th

Banner Chapel

Banner Chapel on Wednesday at 8:30 in the WC.

Awards Assembly

Awards Assembly on Thursday at 9:00 in the WC with dismissal following the assembly.  No Extended Care on Thursday. 

It?s a blessing to have each child?.thank you for entrusting them to us!  Have a great summer break!