Foley's Facts

September 20th, 2013

Thank you to all of our parents who have helped already this year! 

Thank you...

  • Parents who supported the cookie dough sales!
  • Moms who counted and tallied cookie dough orders!
  • Dads who volunteered to be Watch Dog Dads!
  • Our guest duck caller for chapel!

This week at chapel...

  • What do duck calls and prayer have in common?  Duck calls are designed to make ducks draw near.  Prayer is designed to help Christians draw near to God! 

 Important Dates...

  • September 25  Look for an email with mid-quarter report for 1st-5th graders
  • September 27  Grandparents Day @ 9:00 in the WC
  • September 30  Cookie Dough Delivery, watch twitter for times!