Foley's Facts

October 2nd, 2014

It's hard to believe it's already October! This month is filled with fall fun! 

Chapel - Goodness, I struggled with the direction for our word for King Asa.  Early this morning, God opened my eyes to see King Asa as a man of conviction.  He knew what was right and did it.  He removed idols from Judah even his own grandmother's idol!  Don't we need leaders today who know what the Word of God says and stand on it. 

September Boxtops - Congratulations to Mrs. Eads' class!

Mission Projects - We have our Student Council in place.  They did a wonderful job serving at the Grandparents' Day Program (and can I take a moment to brag on our third graders and teachers? - They did great!).  Each month, SC will organize, advertise, and promote a ministry project.  This month, we will be focusing on lunch BOXES and world hunger.  We are encouraging our students to give up a pop, candy or snack and give the money to our lunch box offering which will be on October 16th during chapel.  When we give to the Baptist Global Response ministry, every penny goes to those who are hunger through ministries that are already on the ground sharing Jesus.  This is an opportunity to feed people both physical bread and the Living Bread.  

Book Buddies - Our 5th grade Book Buddies have their first assignment and will begin their leadership role on October 24th with their favorite book.  

Field trips - We have several field trips in October.  Beginning this year, students will not be allowed on the trips without a signed form.  This is not the emergency form.  This is a form stating the place, date and time of the field trip.  We must have these forms with the teacher on the bus.  Watch newsletters for field trips.  PK4, K, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd have field trips in October.  4th and 5th have field trips in November.  

October Dates

  • 10-17     Homecoming Parties from 1:50-2:25
  • 10-17     Homecoming Pep Rally from 2:45-3:08
  • 10-20     Parent Conferences in classrooms (No School)
  • 10-23     K Cowboy Program in WC @ 8:30
  • 10-28     Junior Carnival in SEC Gym from 6:00-8:00pm