Foley?s Facts

October 12th, 2012



?Master and Maker of Creation? Jesus spoke the world into existence and he spoke in the midst of the storm and the winds and waves obeyed His voice. Isn?t it comforting to know, Jesus is in the boat with you no matter what your storm is.

Cookie Dough

Delivery will be October 18th after 9:00 @ Kidz Theatre. If you come at 9:00, you can help unload the truck and set up. Thanks if advance for making this a successful fundraiser!

Pop Tops

Pop Tops for Gunnison- Grade Level competitions collecting just the pop top each month. Bring them to class and we?ll weigh them. The grade level with the most pop tops wins a free dress day.

Spirit Night

Spirit Night  at Chick-fil-a on October 22- All proceeds go to the Bowerman family!