Foley's Facts

February 12th, 2015

Awesome job by our 4th graders today who reminded us of the cost of freedom!  Remember to pray for those who serve are country!

Valentine's Parties - We will have 4 doors open for parents to enter for Valentine parties @ 2:25.  On the north side, Elementary and Secondary doors can be buzzed open.  On the south side, the morning door and the door between the playgrounds will be open for parents on Friday @ 2:25pm.  Don't leave with your child until you have let the teacher know after the parties.

Celebration Book - Thank you for supporting our library by purchasing 31 new books! 

Morning with Moms - We invite you to the Fellowship Gym between 7-8am on February 20th to eat a donut and view students' artwork at the Art Fair.

March Ministry - In keeping with the box theme, we are collecting boxes of cereal for Compassion Center.  Our goal is 500 boxes.  Teachers will be collecting in the classroom and sending the number of boxes to me.   


  • February 27th: Wax Museum in CMR 9-10 & Read the Most Day (see newsletters)
  • February 11th:  Spring Pictures
  • March 18th:  PK Transition Meeting in CMR @ 11:15
  • March 19th:  Banner Chapel & Kindergarten Transition Meeting in CMR @ 11:15 & Parent/Teacher Conferences in Fellowship Gym from 4-6.  These are drop-in conferences.  If you prefer a quiet conference, please schedule this in advance.