Foley?s Facts - November 16

November 16th, 2012


Super Job, Native Americans!  Thank you PK teachers for an excellent program reminding us to be thankful.  GT kids, thank you for reminding us of the official first Thanksgiving and tying it to your study of the Civil War.

Outstanding Book Fair?Thank you to all the moms that made this book fair our best ever!

Next week?

November 19th ?Our PK kids will meet in the their classrooms initially, but will move to Love 171-173 (PK3) and the secondary choir room (PK4) as the church ministers to those in need through Blessing Baskets.  ALL CHILDREN NEED TO WEAR THEIR GREEN FIELDTRIP SHRTS ON MONDAY.  At 2:30, each PK through 2nd grade student has a reading buddy.  We will finish the day reading.

November 20th ?PJ (or sweats) Day?Pay $1 to wear PJs, bring a pillow, and a book.  Student Council will collect the money as a part of our ministry to the Riggins family.   Also, this will be the first day set aside to rack up AR points.  Student council will bring by ballots to vote on the color of candy Mrs. Foley will dress up as on the last day of school IF we reach our 20,000 AR point goal!


Elementary students will join the secondary in collecting food items for 500 family meals for the poor. 

  • PK?peanut butter
  • K?Minute Rice
  • 1?cans of chicken soup
  • 2?bags of pinto beans
  • 3?cheerios
  • 4?ritz crackers
  • 5?Ramon noodles
  • North campus?macaroni and cheese boxes

Our collection must be complete by December 10.