Shiloh Senior High Choir

October 17th, 2017

Shiloh's High School choir students had a great turnout at last weekend's All Region Choir Contest. 7 students made the All-Region Choir with  4 more alternates. We are proud of Trey Davis and Gavin Litchford for making the All-Region Mixed Choir and will be auditioning for All-State, as well as, Abbie Bennett, Gracey Bennett, Anna Heil, Madi Darr and Cierra Clayton for making the All-Region Female Chorus.

Please congratulate these students:

  • Trey Davis placed 18th out of 90 in the Baritones.
  • Preston Hall is 1st alternate in the Baritones.
  • Gavin Litchford placed 15th out of 39 Second Tenors.
  • Cierra Clayton placed 26th out of 72 Soprano 1's.
  • Anna Heil placed 29th out of 72 Soprano 1's.
  • Abbie Bennett placed 28th out of 90 Alto 1's.
  • Gracey Bennett placed 46th out of 90 Alto 1's.
  • Madi Darr placed 45th out of 65 Alto 2's.
  • Cazia Brown is first alternate in the Alto 2's
  • Summer Beale is first alternate in Soprano 2's.
  • Lauren Glenn is second alternate in the Soprano 2's.

Thank you to Mr. Griffin and all of our high school choir students who represented Shiloh well on Saturday!