Shiloh Partners with Integrity's Gift

October 8th, 2014

Dear Shiloh Family,

 Whether you live, work, or shop in Northwest Arkansas, you care about our community ? and here at Shiloh Christian School, we are grateful you?re a part of it. Northwest Arkansas is home to our great school, businesses, friends and family. We need you to keep our cities great and our school great! That?s why we are so excited to announce Integrity?s Gift, a new fundraising program that gives you the opportunity to support Shiloh Christian School athletics and local businesses at the same time ? simply by using your credit card for everyday purchases.

Shop at Northwest Arkansas businessesSupport Shiloh Christian School. Make a difference in the lives of Northwest Arkansas's youth by using your credit card when you shop at local businesses. Just look for the Integrity?s Gift sticker in store windows across Northwest Arkansas. Then, use your card for purchases. Every swipe supports Shiloh Christian School. See a list of participating vendors here.

Keep your money right here in Northwest Arkansas. Local businesses that accept credit cards are already paying processing fees. With Integrity?s Gift, they may sign up to process payments through Integrity Payment Systems, a national credit card processing company. Integrity matches their current rates, and then donates 35% of its own net revenue to Shiloh Christian School, every month. It costs businesses nothing to participate, and money that would have left Northwest Arkansas stays here, supporting Shiloh Christian School.

Make Coach Jeff Conaway proud. Our own head football coach, Coach Jeff Conaway has personally researched Integrity?s Gift and brought Shiloh Christian School on board to help raise funds for our athletic program. Coach Conaway is committed to our students? success and would like to ask for your help. Thank you for your support. Let?s all go local - and Go, Saints!


Shiloh Christian School Leadership Team