Elementary/Preschool Dress Code

Chapel Dress (Thursday)

  • Prescribed navy polo shirts with embroidery logo (available through the elementary office for $20 or on Parent Orientation Night).
  • White or navy turtlenecks or tshirts may be worn under chapel polo shirts.
  • Students may wear navy sweaters, sweatshirts, or jackets in the classrooms.
  • Everyone will wear khaki shorts, capris, skorts, skirts or pants. 
  • Shirt tucked in with belt (if belt loops are present).

Regular Dress (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

  • Polo shirts with a collar and buttons on plaque, long-sleeved or short-sleeved in any solid color.
  • Solid colored long sleeve t-shirts or turtlenecks may be worn under polo shirts.
  • Navy, khaki or blue jean shorts….length must be within 2” of the top of the knee cap.
  • Navy, khaki or blue jean pants, without holes.
  • Navy or khaki skort or skirt…..length must be within 2” of the top of the knee cap.   
  • Navy or khaki jumper….length must be within 2” of the top of the knee cap.
  • Girls may wear polo dresses which are within 2” of the top of the knee cap.
  • If students are cold in the classroom, they may wear navy sweaters, jackets, or sweatshirts with polo or turtleneck shirts beneath them.

Spirit Dress (Friday)

  • Spirit shirt – any t-shirt or sweatshirt labeled with Shiloh Christian.
  • Everyone will wear Monday-Wednesday-approved bottoms.  


  • Tennis shoes are required.  
  • No hats in the building
  • No belts are required for PK and K on chapel days
  • Boys’ hair should be neatly trimmed above the ear, eyebrows and collar
  • Navy sweaters, jackets, or sweatshirts may be worn in the classroom over polo or turtleneck shirts.
  • Extreme fads are not permitted.

Dress code violations will be dealt with through warnings, deductions in class points, appropriate changes, or a call home for a change of clothes.