Shiloh encourages its students to explore and cultivate all of their God-given gifts and talents related to the arts. Students learn about the arts in the classroom, experience the arts through field trips, and compete in the arts through band, choir, drama, and many special presentations throughout the year. Starting in PreK4, students begin to take classes in art and music, and these classes continue throughout a student's education experience at Shiloh.


Band is a class offered to students beginning in 6th grade that promotes both teamwork and individual excellence through large and small group practice, music theory, music listening, games and interactive activities. The four band courses offered to students include Beginning Band, Junior High Band, High School Band, and Intro to Band. These courses build on each other and allow students to gain further experience on an instrument, preparing them for participation in High School Band.  Contact Stephen Hunt at for more information. 


Secondary Choral music is a program made up of 6th - 12th graders geared toward developing each student’s vocal music ability. Students will be trained in proper breathing, ear training, and sight-reading skills to enhance their individual and corporate singing skills. All students will be required to participate in all group choral events required by Shiloh's choral vocal music performance schedule, including concerts, All-Region choir auditions, and All-state auditions. All students may pursue their own individual growth by performing solos, duets, trios, etc. and leading in Shiloh's praise and worship in our weekly chapels.  Contact Dennis Griffin at for more information. 

Musical Theater

Musical Theater is a program offered to 7th through 12th grade students.  Cast members have the opportunity to learn musical theory and rhythm, build confidence, learn to read music, work hard as a team, develop memorization skills, and master stage presence, acting and singing.  Crew members lead in areas such as stage management, choreography, sound, lighting, props, costuming, and makeup.   The students will perform three shows for a live audience in the spring.  Contact Kim Darr at for more information. 


Drama class is offered to any 7th – 12th grade student.  Weekly meetings are held during lunch in the CMR.  Club officers lead games and fun drama exercises. Each year, students participate in skits, productions, and field trips to local theaters or museums.  Contact Shelby White at for more information. 


Shiloh’s art classes are designed to encourage students’ creativity, develop an understanding of art history and expand their definition of art.  A variety of mediums are explored, including clay, charcoal, acrylic, watercolor and many more. Art is available for 7th – 12th grade students. All classes will participate in a yearly SCS art show and will be given the opportunity to enter in local and state art contests. Contact Amy Arsenault at for more information.