Shiloh strives to stay ahead of the curve in all areas, including technology. One way we have accomplished this is by keeping up with the culture that demands interactivity. We utilize smart boards, interactive projectors, and e-beams in the classrooms. These devices bring a new level of teaching and learning by offering the classroom the ability to interact and control what is on the computer projected to the whiteboard with a touch of the finger. Each of these devices changes what is flat on the screen and brings it to life allowing for more focused teaching time and more engaged learning. These devices are state of the art, and just another way we take our students to the highest level of learning.

  • Shiloh Mobile - Shiloh's mobile website allows a user friendly way for parents to access school resources. 
  • eTextbooks - Many classes offer online textbooks allowing students constant access to their textbooks anywhere.
  • iPads - iPads in classroom make learning fun for Shiloh elementary students. Secondary students utilize tablets and laptops daily in their classrooms.
  • Online Learning Lab - Shiloh offers courses online with oversight from a qualified instructor.