Financial Policies

Financial Policies

  1. Tuition is paid over either a 10 month period (August-May),or a 12 month period (June-May), or semi annually (August & January) or annually (August). Payment on the monthly basis may be paid by use of the Automatic Bank Draft system.
  2. If a student attends part of a school month, the parents shall still be responsible for the ENTIRE month's tuition.
  3. Accounts not paid by the 15th of the month in which they are due will be considered delinquent. Returned checks and returned bank drafts will be assessed a $30.00 returned check fee.
  4. Families with delinquent accounts will not receive report cards, transcripts, or diploma (in the case of a graduating senior) until all financial obligations to SCS are paid in full.
  5. Students whose parents/guardians have an outstanding balance that is sixty (60) or more days delinquent WILL NOT be permitted to attend classes until the account is brought to a current status or arrangements have been made for payment.
  6. According to the Arkansas Activities Association rule regarding athletic eligibility, secondary students whose parents/guardians have an outstanding balance that is sixty (60) or more days delinquent WILL NOT be permitted to compete in any athletic events.
  7. Students whose parents/guardians have an outstanding obligation to SCS from a previous school year WILL NOT be permitted to start school the next year until that obligation is paid in full.
  8. Students whose parents/guardians have an outstanding financial obligation to another school, public or private, WILL NOT be permitted to start school until that obligation is paid in full.
  9. SCS offers a limited tuition assistance program to all qualified students. A student must be registered with SCS before they will be considered for tuition assistance. Tuition assistance can only be applied to tuition; all other fees are the responsibility of the applicant. The deadline for filing an application is April 15. Tuition Assistance will be awarded by June 1. PLEASE NOTE: Tuition Assistance is available for all new & returning students in grades K5 - 12. Please contact Jill Shumard for information on tuition assistance.
  10. If you have a financial emergency and are temporarily unable to pay, please call the Business Office before you withdraw or get too far behind.

Financial Agreement

For Shiloh Christian Schools to consider accepting an application for our child to attend Shiloh and reserving a place for our child in the School; or reserving a place on the waiting list in the School for that child to attend Shiloh in that child's expected grade level; and for consideration of said School making plans to provide sufficient teachers and resources for the education of our child, WE, the parents, agree to the following:

Enrollment Fee

Once the student is enrolled, all enrollment fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE, unless the School is unable to accept your child as a student because of the results of the tests or for any reason given by the School, and we understand that the School has the complete discretion to refuse to accept our child as a student. It is understood by us that the filing of this application with the School is used by the School to determine the number of teachers necessary within the School and determine the commitment of other financial resources to assure our child will receive a proper education. After the enrollment fees are paid, if the application is withdrawn by us as the parents of the child, for any reason, we understand that this fee is NOT REFUNDABLE or TRANSFERABLE unless we are required by our employer to transfer from the Northwest Arkansas area prior to the beginning of the school year. ENROLLMENT FEES WILL NOT BE REFUNDED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, ONCE THE APPLICABLE SCHOOL YEAR HAS STARTED.

Specialty Fees

All Specialty Fees will be billed at the beginning of the first and second semester. All Specialty Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Specialty Fees are defined as Athletic Fees, NWACC Tuition, AP Test Fees, Etc.

Directed Services

We understand that the charge for Directed Services will be billed annually.

Note: If paying for enrollment fees by check, the application(s) will be held pending receipt of payment by our Business Office. Application enrollment/fees paid using a credit card are not held pending for receipt of payment.

A copy of the Financial Policies is printed in the Student Handbook/Policy Manual.