2017 5th Grade Cast of Cinderella

January 20th, 2017

2017 Cast of Cinderella

Cinderella: Kaitlyn Rogers

Fairy God Mother: Olivia Grace Silvey

Stepmother: Delaney Roller

Portia: Hannah Bradshaw

Josephine: Savvy Williams

Prince: Tenney Ogle

The King: Chase Blessing

The Queen: Mayci Gilbert

The Herald: Ben Hammons

Jaq Mouse:  Jonathan Young

Gus Mouse:  Alex Woods


Girl Mice:

Anna Grigg, Mary Beth Sorg, Greenlee Gabbard, Kara Sperry


Hallee Harp, Tessa Sluyter, Mo Demers


Chef: Boone Thompson

Butcher: Jonas Nantze

Cheese Steward:  Andrea Lacey

Dessert Chef: Sarah Parker 


“The Prince is Having a Ball” Townspeople:

Julia (mom):  Josie Korinek

Laura (girl 1):  Hallee Harp

Sarah (girl 2):  Abby James

Louise (girl 3):  Allison Brewer

Edward (boy):  Samuel Spencer

Philip (dad):  Caleb Arnold


Steward:  Houston Riggins

Coachman:  Mason Harris

Footman: Malachi Jones 

Captain of the Kings Own Guard: Carter Holman



Blake Ward, Bryce Perkins, Montana Pace, KJ Ford,

Tavis Nguyen, Samuel Alexander, Mason Howell 



Abigail Wiles, Abby Griffey, Carmen Young, Savannah Cole,

Reagan Daidone, Tessa Sluyter, Makenzie Magee, Jacy Raymer 



Caden Dantzler, Conner Menifee, Preston Katzer, Aden Sheldon, Seth Lowe,

Kenneth Sluyter, Jack Martin, Dax Widger, Mo Demers, Andre Rouse


Stage Hands: 

Blake Ward, Mason Harris, Mason Howell,

Malachi Jones, Montana Pace, Andre Rouse


We look forward to seeing all of the parents at our Musical Meeting in Mrs. Darr’s classroom at 2:00 pm on Thursday, February 2.