Foley's Facts

February 12th, 2014

Five full days of school...what a blessing!

The weather has everyone out of routine!  This week I was prepared for chapel on Wednesday.  I?ve lost the rhythm of school as well as the students!

Change in Calendar:  

I?ve moved the Morning With Mom event to March 14th.  We?ll enjoy donuts and then spend a few minutes walking through the Art Fair.  This year, Mrs. Miller and the 1st-5th grade students have prepared a ?Walk Through the Old Testament?.  You won?t want to miss it!
Based on the snow schedule, our last day will be May 30th.  This will be Awards Day for Elementary.

Morning Drop Off

Drop Off has improved significantly?..however, I saw a car almost get hit by a pickup last week.  Drive slowly and carefully under the awning!  Remember it could be your child who sees a burning bush and runs to it to check it out.  Children are unpredictable!  Drive cautiously!

February Events

  • February 19th:  NED (Yo-Yo Expert who encourages students to do their best.  You will have a flyer to purchase NED yo-yos on this day.)  On Friday, February 21, students may bring yo-yos to school and we?ll use the All Star parking lot to practice?weather permitting!
  • February 20th:  4th Grade Patriotic Program in WC @ 8:30 (Celebration Books will be announced first.)
  • February 21st :  Loving Choices Diaper Drive - Students may wear PJs in exchange for a package of diapers or baby wipes. 
  • February 25th:  Discover Shiloh Dinner Event - Contact Alicia Brown at if you know of someone who might be interested.
  • February 28th:  Wax Museum for 3rd Grade - Parents be sure to read your newsletters about your time to view.
  • February 28th:  Read The Most Day - Teachers will give you the particulars in newsletters.