Foley's Facts

September 9th, 2015

A few quick reminders and updates:

  • 9-11:     Dads&Donuts - Serving lines start at 6:45 because of the football signing day.  Bring a box of cereal to donate to Compassion Center.  Football players and cheerleaders will sign White Out shirts in the Morning Drop off Area from 7:30-8:00am.
  • 9-14:     Cookie Dough Orders are due.  We will continue to do drawings for sales through the 14th.
  • 9-16:     Elementary Picture Day - Regular dress code.

Morning Drop Off - Please make sure your child is ready to exit the car.  If you need to help them get backpacks on or open doors, please do so in the parking lot and walk them to the sidewalk.  

Afterschool - If you allow your child to go to the World Playground (east of 24-7 building), please instruct your children to use the sidewalks. 4th/5th grade carline goes beside the playground. Safety first!

I've been asked what Shiloh collects - Boxtops, Tyson Labels, Eureka Pizza Suns monthly, and  pop tabs in April/May.


Thank you for you care and support of our school! 

Katerina Foley