Shiloh Junior High Choir

October 30th, 2017

Shiloh's Junior High Choir program had a big day Saturday, October 28th as 11 Shiloh students placed in the All-Region Junior High Choir! 

  • Lexi Beam placed 16th out of 73 Soprano 1's.
  • Dannica Kennedy placed 13th out of 75 Soprano 1's.
  • Riley West placed 18th out of 85 Soprano 2's.
  • Rachel Langham placed 17th out of 99 Alto 1's.
  • Micayla Jordan placed 21st out of 99 Alto 1's.
  • Will Brown placed 3rd out of 103 Tenor 1's.
  • Kendall Ferm placed 24th out of 103 Tenor 1's.
  • Titus Sutterfield placed 38th out of 103 Tenor 1's.
  • Luke Bowerman placed 17th out of 59 Tenor 2's.
  • Chi Henry placed 15th out of 65 Tenor 2's.
  • Cooper Darr placed 21st out of 69 Bass 1's.

These students did not make the choir but made a great showing:

  • Will Rogers placed 33rd in Bass 1's.
  • Nathan Lentine placed 27th in Tenor 2's.
  • Aiden Woodhouse placed 48th in Tenor 1's.
  • Grace Mobley placed 32nd in Soprano 1's.
  • Jordan Jezewski placed 43rd in Soprano 1's.
  • Sophia Marquardt placed 38th in Soprano 2's.

The Shiloh Choral Program will be taking a total of 20 Junior High and Senior High Students to the All-Region Clinic and Concert this Saturday in Alma at Alma Public School's brand new Performing Arts Center. The Junior High Concert will be at 4:30 pm and the Senior High Concert will be at 6:00pm. All are invited to attend!