The Shiloh Family is blessed with caring, qualified teachers that partner with parents to teach and inspire the next generation of leaders. Teachers are licensed and degreed professionals who are intentional about direct instruction and biblical integration in their classrooms. 

In elementary, teachers focus on best-practice models for students and use a wide variety of guided practice before allowing students to work independently. Grade level meetings are held weekly, and vertical trainings from college level courses to PreK4 classes are conducted each semester. This ensures that Shiloh students are ready for each step that lies ahead. Secondary instructors are driven to inspire their students' ability to think critically, lead lives of integrity, and establish global perspectives through a biblical worldview. 

  • 13:1 ratio - Shiloh's student to faculty ration is 13:1. We want students to feel loved and supported.
  • 36 + hours - Each year, Shiloh teachers receive over 36 hours of professional development in addition to 6 hours of Bible continuing education.
  • Invested - Shiloh teachers have a vested interest in making Shiloh a great place for their students.