Ministerial Rate

Shiloh Christian School has a desire to minister to those who minister among us as an expression of our appreciation for their Kingdom Work. Therefore a Ministerial tuition rate is offered to the children of full-time ministerial staff members at a tuition rate designed for those in ministry. Thus, we offer you the following plan:

  • The tuition rate and accompanying fees applies only to those involved in full-time ministry. 
  • The fee for PreK4 - 12th Grade application is $125 which includes New Student Testing. 
  • The New Student enrollment fee is $300 per student.
  • The tuition rate for PreK4 is $3,800 for the entire school year.
  • The tuition rate for Kindergarten-12th Grade is $4,700 per year per student.
  • Students will still be liable for other fees such as band, athletics, etc.

Ministerial Staff Check List

  1. Obtain documentation from the employing church or organization showing that the organization is a non-profit entity.
  2. Obtain verification from the employing church or organization that the applicant is employed in a full-time paid ministerial capacity and documents the hire date of the applicant in a full-time capacity.
  3. Obtain documentation from an overseeing organization when applicable that supports the applicant's call to the ministry (licensing; ordination; etc...)
  4. Obtain a letter from applicant stating that they are employed in a full-time ministerial position.