Formal Wear Guidelines

Here are the formal wear guidelines for Shiloh events.  

Ladies? Dress Guidelines

  • No back cut lower than the WAIST. The dress may not dip down in the back lower than the waist (not hips)
  • No strapless dresses. They must have at least one strap or clear straps.
  • No low cut front where excessive cleavage is shown.
  • If the dress has a slit in it, the slit must be approved.
  • No cutouts on sides or front. If there is a cutout, it must be approved.
  • Nothing skin-tight or molded to the figure.
  • No bare sides.
  • Dress shoes (No tennis shoes)

Men?s Dress Guidelines

  • Tux (must be solid or pinstriped)
  • Suit (must be solid or pinstriped)
  • Sport jacket and slacks
  • No denim is to be worn.
  • No caps or unapproved hats
  • Dress shoes are required. (No tennis shoes)
  • Ties are required.