Dr. McDaniel's Weekly Newsletter - April 14, 2024

April 14th, 2024

These are the weekends you live for! God blessed us with such great weather!

We are a month away from graduation so it is time to dial in until the end! I am very pleased with how the school year has gone and we are focused on finishing well. Thank you so much for your partnership in this process of Kingdom Education. We are so blessed to have such incredible parents and students at this school. Our families are so supportive and truly are a joy to be around!



1. Graduation is May 14th at PINNACLE HILLS at 7:00 pm.

2. Senior Awards are May 14th at PINNACLE HILLS at 9:00 am (10th-11th grade will be bussed to observe)

3. Secondary Awards are May 17th at SPRINGDALE SEC GYM from 10 am-12 pm.

4. Please don't drop off your student-athlete on the main drive in front of the Indoor. Please pull into the parking lot and drop your student off there.

5. Please don't park in the drive in front of Champions Hall, that area is for pass-through traffic or drop-off. If you need to leave your vehicle and go inside please park in the parking lot especially before or after school hours (I understand the Elementary car line has to temporarily get in line there and pull through so I am not talking about that) The lane in front of Champions Hall is a double fire lane so we can't have people park there to pick up your students a fire truck has to be able to get through there. Please park in one of the adjacent parking lots. For parents who want to let their kiddos play on the playground after school please park in the Springdale Rec parking lot and I will make sure to have Sean or Tommy unlock the side gate so your kiddos can go through there rather than the main drive. Thank you!

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