Dr. McDaniel's Weekly Newsletter - August 21, 2022

August 22nd, 2022

Shiloh Family,

We had a great first week of school! It did my heart so good to see everyone back on campus and our students engaging in Kingdom Education! 

I appreciate your patience with car line this past week! Things began to run well by the end of the week and this week will be even better! Our teachers worked hard this week and did an outstanding job welcoming your students and I can't wait to watch the teacher/student relationships grow throughout the year!

We have so many fun opportunities ahead of us this fall and I encourage you to get involved and connect! These days go by so fast so make sure to make the most of it!

As we get closer to our sports teams' seasons starting I want to emphasize the importance of how we represent ourselves as a school.

The Arkansas Activities Association is going to an almost zero tolerance policy this year with fan behavior, coach behavior, and athlete behavior. I want to make sure that we are representing our school well around the state as we compete. I don't want our school to have any infractions due to behavior. As fans, we need to make sure that we are cheering loudly for the Saints! However, we don't need negative comments toward our players, coaches, or referees. The same expectation is for our coaches and players. 

We want an electric, competitive, and fun environment. We also want to be a positive example for our students to see. Please help me with this at all levels! Youth League, Junior High, and High School! I am a HIGHLY competitive person that wants to win at everything. So, I understand the passion and emotions of the game. Let's just keep it positive!

Thank you for your help in that! I literally can't wait for our sports seasons to start! There is nothing better than watching the SAINTS!

I look forward to another incredible week this week. Below you will find the link to the weekly newsletter, check it out!