Dr. McDaniel's Weekly Newsletter - January 22, 2023

January 23rd, 2023

Shiloh Family,

I hope that you have had an outstanding weekend! We had an incredible Colors Day this past Friday! Our students and athletes represented our school so well and I am so grateful for that! 

If you have been up to date with State News there is the potential for some exciting times ahead in our state with regard to education. Gov Sanders has a heart for education and a focus on adjusting what the current norm is. I along with some other large Private Christian School Superintendents in the state have had the opportunity to discuss these items with her and her team. We were highly encouraged by the conversations and the passion that she has for education, parental choice in education, and student success. Her plans, if passed will greatly benefit our families over time and the families of students who desire private Christian Education but don’t currently have that opportunity. As with anything in politics, it takes time to accomplish the end goal. I am going to try and meet with her one more time as the educational process develops. As time progresses we will see more clearly what she is trying to accomplish within our state with regard to education. I truly believe there are some exciting times ahead!

Weather – There will definitely be some moisture coming in on Tuesday. For now, as the day progresses the temperature will be hovering right around the freezing point going into the night. More than likely this will be one of those fun weeks where I get to make a last-minute weather call. As we all know this is Arkansas and it might literally change and be sunny and 70 degrees. I will do my best to make the weather call as early as I can if snow and ice truly become a potential!

I look forward to seeing your students on campus tomorrow, let’s have a great week!

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