Dr. McDaniel's Weekly Newsletter - March 24, 2024

March 24th, 2024

Shiloh Family,

We have just over a month and a half left in this school year! I challenge each of us to reflect on all that God has blessed us with. 
We just observed Palm Sunday where The King entered Jerusalem humbly knowing what was to come. As we go throughout our week I ask that we don't forget the gravity that this week represents. Don't forget we get to be a part of a Christian School because of His ultimate sacrifice.
We have a lot of big things on the horizon at Shiloh and I encourage you not to miss a minute of it! These are the times that people will be talking about in years to come! 
As we look past the finish line of this school year we need to keep praying for God to keep his hand on this place and never remove it!
Things to be praying about:
1. As we enter the largest building development in the school's history please pray for God's favor on the building, the people constructing it, and the students impacted by it. Pray that this building will allow us to increase the Kingdom of God by sharing the gospel and fulfilling our mission as a school.
2. Pray for great students and families that desire Christian Education as we begin the testing and interviewing process of our new student applicants for this fall. We want students and families that will further our school spiritually, academically, athletically, and in the arts. 
3. As we posture our school for the future we also are posturing our staff. Pray that God will provide the high-quality staff that love the Lord that we will need over the next few years. 
These are some incredible times here at Shiloh let's keep our eyes up on the one thing that matters and hands on the plow doing His work.
I will begin my newsletter back next week! See you back on campus tomorrow!