Dr. McDaniel's Weekly Newsletter - October 23, 2022

October 24th, 2022

Shiloh Family,

What a gorgeous weekend! This past week was such a blessed week. The Lord blessed us with many victories across all different levels of our school! 
Quick Project Update:
1. Elementary Fence: Everything is a go! We are just waiting on the brick to be delivered and then the fence will take about a week to install.
2. New elementary slides were delivered this week for the World Playground to replace the damaged ones.
3. The most westerly elementary playground repair is about to be underway. We are pulling up the damaged tiles, digging out the mulch, pouring concrete in the holes, and have ordered an additional shade platform.
4. Tree Project: In two weeks 23 new 3" caliper trees will be installed along the south side of the building and the green space between the learning center and the locker rooms along with irrigation. This will enhance the beauty of the south side of the building by the band room, choir room, and Champions Hall! 
5. Baseball Field: Turf has been installed! We are waiting on the pitcher's mound to be delivered. Clean-up is underway and the new fence will begin to be installed next week!
6. Indoor Athletic Facility: Foundations are complete, the slab has been poured and the steel will be delivered on November 9th! Let's get vertical!
7. Bus Fleet Enhancement Project: I was able to purchase bus 3 of 4 this past week in our bus project! I want our students to travel in the nicest and safest buses possible! A week from now we are having graphics installed to match our other white bus. I am needing at least one more white bus to complete the project!
Thank the Lord for blessing all of these opportunities! Let's have a great week doing Kingdom work!
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