Dr. McDaniel's Weekly Newsletter - October 9, 2022

October 10th, 2022

Shiloh Family,

I am so thankful and proud of our teachers! I want you to know that I get to see how hard they work for your students each day! They work countless hours outside of the classroom to ensure that each day your kiddos get a premier education that is rooted in Christ! We are so blessed to have the incredible quality of educators that we do. I truly am so grateful each day to work alongside them. 

Conversely, thank you for giving us such great students to work with! Each week I get calls or emails from people within the community that have engaged with a student or a group of students from Shiloh and they tell me how special they are, how they are different, how polite they are, etc. I even had our former SRO who works for the local PD come up to me Friday night and told me.: 

“Keith, I have to tell you something. You guys have something so special here, you don’t even realize it. The students here are simply different, the teachers are different, the coaches are different and the administration is different. I am in schools all the time and there is nothing like this place.”

Comments like that are a testament to a healthy partnership between parents and school that is rooted in God’s Word and his teachings. When we keep our eyes on what matters in this World God takes care of the rest. Thank you for letting us partner with you in making an impact on your children for the future!

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