Secondary Theme Dress Days Dress Code Information

September 1st, 2022

Parents and Students,

We are incredibly excited about our first home Shiloh Football game against Little Rock Christian. Earlier this week, Secondary Student Council communicated our game day themes for the fall semester. We strongly encourage all of our students to participate in this fun day of school spirit. The intent of this email is to help clarify the allowable dress code expectations for our students as they support our Saints on THEME dress days.

Students not participating in THEME dress days must be in Regular Dress or Spirit Dress as outlined in the Secondary Student Handbook. The below THEME day dress code allowances do not apply to non participating students. (For example, a student wearing a Shiloh t-shirt and sweatpants/athletic shorts will be considered out of dress code if nothing THEME related is worn in addition to the Shiloh t-shirt and sweatpants.) 

Secondary students may wear game day theme-oriented clothing on approved and specified THEME dress days only. For your convenience, we have outlined these dates at the bottom of this email. Students must be participating in THEME dress days for the below dress code allowances to apply.  

Please review these guidelines for THEME dress days in conjunction with our Secondary Student Handbook expectations.

  • No sleeveless shirts - “All shirts must be sleeved.”
  • No low cut (in front or back) shirts - “All clothing must be modest, clean, covering well.”
  • No tight fitting shirts - “Attire cannot be too tight.”
  • No crop tops - “The bottom hemline of the shirt must extend below the waistline.”
  • No inappropriate content. - “Non Shiloh shirts, sweatshirts, pullovers, hoodies, coats and jackets must be appropriate, non-political, no vulgar images, weapons, drug paraphernalia, and cannot have negative connotations.”
  • No leggings are allowed as well as no tight fitting joggers.  - “Attire cannot be too tight.”
  • Sweats may be worn for THEME dress day participation ONLY (example given above). - “All bottoms must be appropriate and modest in nature with no holes. Attire cannot be too tight.”
  • Athletic shorts may be worn for THEME day participation ONLY (example given above). - “All shorts MUST be regular dress code length for boys and girls - Shorts must be appropriate and modest in nature. The length of shorts must be no more than a dollar bill width above the middle of the kneecap while standing.” 

As stated in the Secondary Student Handbook, “Shiloh Administration reserves the right to deem any clothing item as inappropriate.”

SECONDARY STUDENT GAME DAY THEMES for the 2022 fall semester:

  • September 2 - Construction
  • September 16 - White Out
  • September 23 - Homecoming (TBA)
  • October 7 - Star Wars
  • October 21 - Safari
  • November 4 - Patriotic 

Thank you for partnering with us as we develop Godly leaders who engage their culture and change it.


Kortney Carnes, Secondary Assistant Principal