Shiloh Impact

Just as the Lord blessed Abraham to be a blessing, our mission at Shiloh is to impact your student, that he or she may impact the world.  At Shiloh, we impact your mind. We impact your heart. We impact your potential. We impact your future. So you may impact the world!

We call it Shiloh Impact.

We Impact Your Mind


  • Rigorous Curriculum
  • Small Community
  • Fully Accredited

College Prep

  • Qualified, Invested Teachers and Life Mentors
  • 50+ Hours of College Credit Offered at Shiloh
  • ACT Scores Above State and National Averages

We Impact Your Heart

Biblical Integration

  • Relevant Biblical Teaching
  • Weekly Chapel
  • Global Mission Experiences

We Impact Your Potential


  • Smartboards
  • Interactive Projectors
  • Mobile iPad Labs

Fine Arts

  • Visual Arts
  • Musical Arts
  • Performing Arts


  • 38 + State Championships
  • 26 + State Runner-Ups
  • 60 + College Signees

We Impact Your Future

  • Millions Awarded in Scholarships
  • Endless Options
  • Global Exposure