Secondary Announcement

November 12th, 2013

This Friday, Nov. 15th, there will be a special Secondary schedule. Please read carefully.

Our Saints will be playing a first round playoff game Friday evening in Wynne, AR. This in an incredible opportunity for our school!  Because of the large portion of the student body in 9th-12th grades that will be out (teams, managers, cheer, band, and other student support) combined with the large portion of our staff that will be out Friday because of duties associated with this game, Shiloh will be making the following adjustments for Friday, November 15th.

  • A backwards schedule will be run. The day will start with 8th period and end with 1st period. Classes will be of normal duration.
  • Grades 9th-12th will be dismissed for the day at lunchtime. (They will attend 8th period through 4th period ? normal duration class periods.)
  • All 6th-8th grade classes will meet for the normal length day, dismissing at 3:30.  (6th-8th students with older siblings attending the game may be checked out by a parent for this purpose.)

 Thank you for your understanding of the need for us to adjust and manage our school day in this way.